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A Great Business is one that has a product or service that fills a need in the market place. One of the greatest challenges of starting your own home-based business is deciding which company to align yourself with. Make the wrong decision and it's like walking a 3,000 mile journey in old shoes. Make the right decision and it's like taking a Lear Jet with 1st Class seats. 1. Seven Billion Dollar Industry, Multi-Million Dollar Company Our debt-free, privately owned international company is poised to rapidly become the next billion-dollar baby. Established in early 2004, our sales are increasing over 100% per year and NOW is the time to establish your place in this 7.5 billion dollar consumer market. 2. We Have NO COMPETITION? NONE! Imagine having the opportunity to offer a unique, consumable product that virtually EVERY adult human being uses at least 10-12 times per year - at a price 75% LESS than they are currently paying. Now imagine you have ZERO competitors. None. No one else is offering this same product or service at a comparable price. Everything that you would look for in a home based business is here. The service is unique and exclusive, so the market potential is beyond enormous. This is a home business that you can work from anywhere in the world. This will be the next Giant Multi-Billion service category and our company is the forefront leader in the marketplace. 3. Get Paid Exactly What You're Worth We offer EIGHT unique and exciting ways to be paid so you can create the income you need fast. Looking to earn an extra few dollars a month, a few thousand, tens of thousands? We have a plan custom-tailored to help YOU reach your dreams and goals. NOTE: If you elect not to accept any of the EIGHT ways to earn income, but want to be a part of building this industry, then our NINTH option may be of interest. That option is helping us follow-up on the numerous prospects that we have via your telemarketing expertise. We have a special incentive program for this option. 4. Personal, One-on-One Support We have attracted some extraordinary leaders and have designed a simple automated business building system that has NEVER FAILED to produce a result. Sign up, set up and get in the game! You don?t have to worry about building the tools and infrastructure get the job done. Simply follow our proven, step-by-step automatic business building system and watch the results unfold. Frankly, there is no other way to get started this fast, this easy and with this much success-oriented support. 5. State-of-the-Art Corporate Backing Our company is making news, securing rich strategic alliances, and is backed by a multimillion dollar corporate infrastructure including manufacturing, legal, accounting, warehousing, distribution, executive staff, customer support staff, communications, advertising, marketing, sales and design. This means you have the benefit of BIG BUSINESS without all the headache, hassle and financial risk of operating a big business. 6. An Ownership and Management Team with Unprecedented Experience The owners and management have extensive experience owning and running successful companies. Even at the start up, the owners and management team had more experience than most companies already established for years. This means to you that they know what to expect to keep the company up and running so that your career is rock solid. Extraordinary International Expansion Opportunity We are currently conducting business in 7 countries, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland, Canada, and the United Kingdom. We are expecting to open new markets worldwide in the future. You can go to bed at night knowing that you will have leaders all over the world building a business, even while you sleep or go on vacation. Timing is everything, and your time has come.

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